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4-H and FFA Children’s Barnyard - Interactive Agricultural Learning Exhibits and Activities

FFA Children's Barnyard

This area provides an opportunity for the public to interact with the farming community. See, touch and feed live farm animals. Milk goats, watch eggs hatching, play in the hay, dig into the corn . Bottle feed the dairy calves, watch sheep wool being made into yarn and become a part of so many more farm activities.

Be amazed at the many contributions that these animals make to your daily life. See first hand how every ingredient in something as simple as a slice of pizza, was once a living growing component of a farm.

Our Daily Exhibits and Activities Include:

  • Incubator Baby Chicks Display
  • Sheep Products (Wool and Meat)
  • Meat Goat Display
  • Market Lamb Display
  • Corn Play Sand Box
  • Duck and Turkey Exhibit
  • Growing Pizza
  • Corn Products
  • Squash Products
  • Effective Hand Washing Interactive Demonstration
  • Rabbit Products and Live Animal Display
  • Dairy Goat Display
  • Market Hog Display
  • Worm Farming and Soil Interactive Learning Display
  • Honey Comb/Bees Display
  • Wheat to Bread
  • Pumpkins
  • Cotton Products
  • Soybean Products


Banana Derby - Monkeys Riding Dogs!

Banana Derby

Bring your family to the festival to watch America’s favorite monkey jockeys: Bobo and Giligan T. Monkey race during the Banana Derby. The Banana Derby is a favorite attraction that features Capuchin monkeys riding dogs like jockeys, while the dogs race. The show features multiple races and audience participation. If you love animals it’s a must-see!


Bob Bohm Variety Magic Show

Bob Bohm's Family Magic Show

Enjoy baffling magic and hilarious comedy, with this family oriented show, filled with lots of audience participation and silly fun. You'll be laughing out load one minute and completely amazed the next.

Don't miss the antics of THURSTON, the Performing Parrot.


Brazel Dazzle LLama Ranch - Informative llama exhibition!
Lawnmower Races

Brazel Dazzle LLama Ranch and Roxywood Farms are pleased to present an informative llama exhibition at the Delta Fair Sunday September 9th from Noon to 10 PM. Have you ever wondered what llamas eat? or what you do with their fiber? or How smart a llama really is?? Come out to the Delta Fair and Discover Llamas!


Bungee Trampoline Jumping - Kids Bounce High

Bungee Jumping

Every day kids can harness up on one of four Bungee Trampolines and bounce skyward. Lots of safe fun for the young ones.


Delta Fair Queen Pagent - being held August 30th - August 31st

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Friday August 30th

5:00pm Check-in / Registration
6:00pm Young Miss Delta Fair Pageant
6:30pm Pre-Teen Miss Delta Fair Pageant
7:00pm Junior Miss Delta Fair Pageant
7:00pm Crowning Ceremony
8:00pm Teen Miss and Miss Delta Fair

Saturday August 31st

10:00am Check-in / Registration
11:30am Baby Miss Delta Fair Pageant
12:00pm Wee Miss Delta Fair Pageant
12:30pm Toddler Miss Delta Fair Pageant
1:00pm Crowning Ceremony and BREAK
2:00pm Tiny Miss Delta Fair Pageant
2:30pm Mini Miss Delta Fair Pageant
3:00pm Little Miss Delta Fair Pageant
3:30pm Crowning Ceremony


Delta Livestock Show - See the best animals and exhibitors around!

Delta Fair Livestock Show

We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for individuals across the mid-south, to compete in our Livestock shows.

  • Junior Heifer Show
  • American Dairy Goat Show
  • Beef Cattle Shows
  • Junior Breeding Sheep Show
  • ABGA Boer Goat Show
  • Junior Market Lamb Show

THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in premium money and prizes will be presented to deserving individuals , Thanks to our sponsors that are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Agriculture . The backbone of the mid-south

Download Livestock Show Schedule


Demolition Derby - The Kent Steerwell Memorial Memphis Bash

Demolition Derby

Dirt Track

Several Heats & Divisions!

Saturday Aug 31st at 5PM - Delta Derby
(Regulations & Form)

Derby Pros destroy each other’s cars in an attempt to be the last man moving. These are NOT junkers, they are racing machines with built engines and complex steel cages and safety bars to reduce but probably not eliminate injuries. The racers are passionate about winning and they are professionals. The crashes are real and the danger is real. They do it because they love it! Be there, they are free and fun!


Flores Family Thrill Show - heart stopping action show

The Fearless Flores Family are 9 generations of circus and travel all over the country performing at fairs/festivals and just about any event imaginable. They are based in FL , but are only home 2 months a year. The feature attraction is the Globe of Death. This 14 ft steel cage is the setting for some mindblowing motorcycle madness. 2 motorcycles at the same time racing around and criss-crossing over the top. As if riding a motorcycle in a cage isnt wild enough, one of the riders is one of about 5 females to take on this challenging feat.


Freakshow Deluxe - you have to see to believe

Freakshow Deluxe

The FreakShow Deluxe is Hollywood's own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow! This is a fantastic LIVE show, bringing the classic working acts of the old freak shows to life on the modern stage in a family friendly comedy stunt show that must be seen to be believed. Prepare to be amazed and astounded as the FreakShow Deluxe performs its mind-boggling physical feats with a flair for the theatrical and a touch of humor that the whole family will enjoy. See FreakShow Deluxe astonish with the Human Blockhead, the Bed of Nails, Sword Swallowing, Fire-Eating and so much more.

FreakShow Deluxe and its cast members have been featured on "The Tonight Show," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," the Discovery Channel show "Time Warp," on TruTV and at the Full Throttle Saloon, Univision's "Sabado Gigante," Nickelodeon's "Figure It Out," and many, many more. It's shows has been seen all over the country - from Coney Island's Sideshow by the Seashore in New York City, to the Magic Castle, the exclusive private club for illusionists in Hollywood, and every place in between. FreakShow Deluxe has been awarded the Best Cabaret/Circus at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Hambone Express Pig Races - Supersonic Swine!

Pig Races

3 or 4 times a day these world famous pigs will tear up the track as the crowd cheers. This is not to be confused with Churchill Downs. The pigs are somewhat smaller than horses and a lot funnier. Next door, they have pony rides, a 100 animal petting zoo, and a giant pig. Hambone Express will entertain young and old.


Helicopter Rides - The Batcopter

Helicopter Rides

It will be our Pleasure to Present N3079G. The Original BATCOPTER from the T.V. Series Batman Helicopter at the 2013 Delta Fair.

The Operational Hours will be:

  • Weekdays: Open 5:00 p.m. to Fair Close
  • Weekends: Open 2:00 p.m. to Fair Close
    *All Operational Hours are Wind and Weather Permitting.

Pricing of the Batcopter Tours Above the Sky's of the Beautiful Delta Fair will be:

  • $40.ºº Single Orbit (One Circle)/ Per Person $50.ºº
  • Double Orbit (Two Circles/Longer Ride) / Per Person *Best Value!


High School Rodeo - Tennessee High School Rodeo Association

High School Rodeo

Get involved in High School Rodeo! Tennessee High School Rodeo events are for contestants in the 9th thru 12th grade. Students can join and compete whether they go to a public, private high school or are home schooled.

Saturday, August 31st 7:00 P.M.
Sunday, September 1st 2:00 P.M.

Contact info: Gem Mitchell
Email: gemmitchell@bellsouth.net      
Web: www.tnhsra.com

Address: 21715 Hwy 125 N Bolivar, TN  38008
Phone:     731-658-5867


Lawnmower Racers - Really FAST!
Lawnmower Races
Sunday, September 8th - 2pm

Nobody mows faster. The dust will fly as mowers reach speeds of around 60 mph on our Derby Track. Yes, there is a real United States Lawn Mower Racing Association. These guys are members and they really put on a show. They all want to make it to the nationals. This is family fun and entertainment. Cheer them on!


Mechanical Bull Rides - Did you really think you could hold on?

Mechanical Bull Rides

All day every day the mechanical bull will reduce over inflated egos to reality. The operator will control it to be tame for kids and humbling for grownups. Either way its fun to watch or ride.


Mini Tractor Pull - lots of power in a little tractor!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013
2:00PM at the Delta Track


Petting Zoo - All 10 days - Lower midway

Petting Zoo

Baby calves, goats, pigs, burros, buffaloes, and miniature horses vie for the attention of their young feeders. Kids pet these adorable babies one on one. This is something most kids can never hope to do in modern times. Don’t let them miss out on it!


Peyton List from Disney's show "Jessie" - Meet & Greet

Peyton List

Meet & Greet with "Emma" (Peyton List) from Disneys' show "Jessie" at the Main Stage area on Sunday, August 31st (2p.m. - 6p.m.) & Monday, September 1st (11a.m. - 2p.m.) She will be signing autographs and taking pictures.


Rhinestone Roper - Daniel Mink

Bungee Jumping

For the past fifteen years, The Rhinestone Roper Show has thrilled audiences Coast to Coast and Boarder to Boarder with award winning trick roping , knife throwing , bullwhip cracking, gun spinning, fast draw shooting and with amazing stunts by veteran trick horses Luck Joe and Handsome Jack.
Dan, his brand new wife Naat'aani and daughter Krickette, make their home in Jerome, Idaho. Dan has gained tremendous stature as a true master in show casing the "Tools of the Cowboy."

Dan is the:

  • 2009-World Champion All Around Wild West Performer
  • 2009- World Champion Knife Performer
  • 2009- World Champion Whip performer
  • 2007-World Champion Gun Spinner


SKIN & BONES’ COMEDY CIRCUS - sure to have you laughing

Performing comedy with their animal associates since 1981, husband and wife team Mariah Skinner and Bob Bone (a.k.a. Skin & Bones) have delighted audiences of all ages in circuses, theme parks, fairs, variety shows and special events in most of the United States, in Canada, and in Japan.

Bob and Mariah’s full-length show, Skin & Bones’ Comedy Circus, is great family entertainment, featuring trained dogs and potbellied pigs, juggling, low wire, magic, and plenty of comedy!

Bob received his performance training at Center College in Kentucky, and at Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Florida. Mariah trained at the Dell’Arte School of Mime and Comedy, and at the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, both in California. The pups and pigs, hailing from various parts of the country, take primary credit for having trained their humans in the art of zaniness.


Star of the Fair - Seeking the stars of tomorrow!

Star Of The Fair Competition
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Modeled after the American Idol talent contest, Star of the Fair will be a feature attraction at the 2013 Delta Fair & Music Festival taking place September 1st, 2013 through September 3rd, 2013 at the Agricenter – Memphis, TN. Star of the Fair seeks to showcase the top vocalists in the Mid-South. (contestants must be 8 to 28 years old on or before September 4, 2013)


Survivor Family Game Show

Bob Bohm's Family Magic Show

"Survivor" meets "Gilligan's Island" in this hilarious interactive event. Contestants picked from the audience are put thru funny "immunity challenges" while rest of the audience votes for the winner! It's loads of fun with prizes for all.


The BIRDMAN® - Free Flight Bird Show

Banana Derby

This world-class famous Las Vegas bird show features Eagles, Macaws, Hornbills, Cassowary, Cockatoos, Cranes, Emu, Parrots, and even a 10 foot wingspan Condor all in a free-flying in an avian extravaganza! These are the very same bird-stars who have been featured on Late Night with David Letterman, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TV Specials with Siegfried and Roy and David Copperfield, and at major Las Vegas hotels including the Venetian, Caesars Palace, the Tropicana, and the Excalibur.

This "TopBird" of shows is the only traveling bird show to feature condors, cranes, and cassowaries! In The BIRDMAN® SHOW, you will see incredible birds up close, and come to understand why they need our help.


Tractor & Truck Pull - Huge Horsepower! Monster machines!

Tractor & Truck Pull

Saturday, September 7th, 2013
5:00PM at the Delta Track


V3 Fights - Memphis Mixed Martial Arts Fights

Mixed Martial Arts

Saturday, August 30th at 7pm
In the "A" wing of the Agricenter Building
Tickets on sale at the door.
Ringside Seats (first 5 rows) $15.00
General Admission Seating $5.00


Wambolds Amazing Animals - Tigers, Ligers & More

Wambold's Amazing Animals

"WAMBOLD'S" is a combintaion circus themed performance with an education pragram that details the history of circus animals, training techniques and the importance of caring for our endangered species. During the performances we hope to introduce & enlighten the average fair patron to aspects of exotic animals that they may have never been previously afforded. We hope to place that "sparkle in your eye" you had the first time you visited the circus as a child.


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