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2014 Music Line-Up

Memphis Means Music!  The Birthplace of Rock’n Roll and the Home of the Blues!

We strive to balance our lineup to showcase national acts as well as our very own home grown world class artists who have their roots growing deep into the Delta soil.  Come on out and get a good dose of Mojo!

Did you know that the Delta Fair & Music Festival has more LIVE music than any other event in Memphis?  Over 150 acts on 3 stages!

R5   R5

Before R5 entered the studio to record their Hollywood Records debut album no one told them what to do. No one needed to. The band knew exactly what they wanted: to make an album perfect for playing in the car. And by that they meant summer nights, with the top down, cruising down the highway and cranking the music up. Not just loud. Louder.

In its 11 tracks, Louder establishes R5 as the foremost up-and-coming young pop/rock band today. "We wanted to put out a fun album," says Rydel Lynch (keyboards/vocals) who, with her brothers Riker (bass/vocals), Ross (lead vocals/guitar) and Rocky (guitar/vocals), and best friend Ratliff (drums) make up R5. "We wanted to make an upbeat and Inspirational album you want to play 24/7."

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Show Time:

- September 5: 8:00 PM


The LACS have a proven formula for success. Mix 65 percent country music storytelling with 20 percent hip-hop attitude, add in 15 percent rock 'n' roll plus 100 percent hard work and you have a multi-format duo that defies definition and oozes opportunity.

The duo, which is made up of hip-hop artist Clay "Uncle Snap" Sharpe and lead vocalist/guitarist Brian "Rooster" King, doesn't easily fit into any predetermined box and that's exactly why The LACS unique blend of music appeals to America's iPod generation. "When we make a mix CD on our computer, we don't put together 30 songs that are straight country," explains Sharpe. "We might have 10 country, 10 rock and 10 rap songs. We knew our kind of people would like it."


Show Time:

- August 30: 7:00 PM

Uncle Kracker   Uncle Kracker

"When I'm up onstage, I don't feel removed from the people coming to hear the music. You can feel it, when they identify with you. Sometimes when I'm up there, I wanna tell'em 'I'm not any different than you are…'

"But, then I know we're all here for a good time, too. That's why we're there together, and if I can give'em that, then that's the deal. That's how I make my records, and it's how I try to live my life."             

With >Midnight Special, the Mount Clemens, Michigander brings it all home. Love, life, heartbreak, friends, fun, songs and laughing your way through it, it's all here.


Show Time:

- August 29: 7:00 PM

The S.O.S. Band   The S.O.S. Band

The S.O.S. Band hit with a two-million-selling single, "Take Your Time (Do It Right)," their first time out, before having several hit singles written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The Atlanta, GA-borne band was started in 1977, when keyboardist/vocalist Jason Bryant, saxophonists Billy Ellis and Willie "Sonny" Killebrew, guitarist Bruno Speight, bassist John Alexander Simpson, drummer James Earl Jones III, and lead vocalist Mary Davis formed a group called Santa Monica that played at Atlanta nightclub the Regal Room.

In 1987, vocalist Mary Davis left The S.O.S. Band to pursue a solo career. The band recorded two more albums: Diamonds in the Raw (number 43 R&B in fall 1989), produced by Eban Kelly and Jimi Randolph, and One of Many Nights, produced by Curtis Williams. In August 1994, former lead vocalist Mary Davis reunited with Abdul Ra'oof and Jason Bryant, and together they reconstructed a new band with the same funky S.O.S. sound, appearing on comedian Sinbad's HBO concert specials and Rhino's various-artists set United We Funk issued October 5, 1999.

Show Time:

- September 7: 7:00 PM

Jason D. Williams   Jason D. Williams

A wild man onstage, he has been compared to Jerry Lee Lewis so often that rumors started in Memphis that he was the Killer's son.

Williams has continued to tour and performs up to 200 shows per year. Having a visual appeal on par with his musical talent has led to numerous television appearances, among them "Regis and Kathie Lee," "Nashville Now," "Entertainment Tonight" and various shows on MTYV and VH1.

The influence of Lewis comes through in his high-energy performances, Williams says, but his songs get him to a different place. As he says, "It's Jerry Lee Lewis meets Jackson Pollock and Jerry Lee Lewis meets Joe Namath."


Show Time:

- September 6: 7:00 PM

Many more national and the hottest local and regional acts added daily!

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