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2013 Music Line-Up

Memphis means Music!  The Birthplace of Rock’n Roll and the Home of the Blues!

We strive to balance our lineup to showcase national acts as well as our very own home grown world class artists who have their roots growing deep into the Delta soil.  Come on out and get a good dose of Mojo!

Did you know that the Delta Fair & Music Festival has more LIVE music than any other event in Memphis?  Over 150 acts on 3 stages!

 Frankie Hollie & The Noise   Frankie Hollie & The Noise
Frankie Hollie & the Noise is an explosion of country meets rock with backgrounds of country, rock and blues combined. When the band members step on stage you won't call it country, you won't call it rock, you will call it awesome. FHN surprises and captivates their audience with the dynamics of their show and the diverse music ranging from sounds of Johnny Cash, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban to Bon Jovi, Journey and Green Day.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 7: 7:00 PM

 Kevin Rudolf   Kevin Rudolf
Rudolf is the first white artist to be signed to legendary hip hop label Cash Money Records. Label heads Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Baby" Williams "put zero limits on what i could do. And I really respect them for that. "
The first album, In the City also featured hip hop icons Nas and Rick Ross. "They heard the tracks and actually wanted to jump on them. I mean, that's the greatest compliment I could be paid."
Following the massive success of "Let it Rock,", Rudolf was met with a virtual feeding frenzy for his production and writing. "I had produced my first album and wrote or co-wrote all of the songs. "I guess I did something right," he laughs. Cobra Starship, Leona Lewis and Natasha Bedingfield are just a few of the pop names that utilized Rudolf's skills. "It was cool doing all these pop records and working with different people. It all fits together in the scope of what I do. But I was also dying to get back in the studio on my own album and push the envelope a bit more."
Rudolf's second album, "To the Sky, contained the platinum song "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)" featuring label mates Lil Wayne, Birdman and Jay Sean. While the momentum from the first album continued, it was a challenging experience. "I was run down from touring and a lot of the bullshit that goes with being in this business. I really like a lot of those songs still, but I still need some more distance from it to get my mind around it all. I was glad I kept it going with "I Made It" but there were probably a couple of other strong singles on there that didn't see the light of day."
Rudolf is in the process of completing his third album, and feels liberated again. "I moved back to New York, got back to basics, shut the door and started working by myself again. I had done the whole LA thing. New York just brings out a different side of me...more edgy and raw. I can't wait for people hear this album. They're going to be surprised."
The way they were when Kevin Rudolf first "Let it Rock."

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Show Time

Main Stage- September 6: 8:00 PM

3 Degrees

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 7: 6:00 PM

Bill Shipper

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 7: 3:00 PM

Bob and Susie Salley

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 30: 7:00 PM

Brittany Russell   Brittany Russell
Brittany Russell is the powerhouse performer from Memphis, Tennessee who fronts her very own band with authority and delivers a high energy show every time she steps on stage. A gifted singer and award winning songwriter, Brittany has graced stages from LA to Orlando and can been seen and heard consistently in the mid south area from clubs, festivals, stages, radio & TV.
Brittany Russell & her band perform at festivals and concerts all across the tri-state area and have a wide range of songs from Avril Lavigne to Led Zeppelin - from Carrie Underwood to U2 in a unique Rock/Pop mix. Along with a rather large Original list, the band has developed a great Friend and Fan base. Singing on stage since she was 8, Brittany is an experienced performer in the Mid South area playing to large crowds ranging from clubs to festivals, private parties to statewide events to international festivals outside the US. For those of you who have yet to see this amazing performer or hear her remarkable voice, here is your opportunity to enjoy what crowds in Memphis have been seeing for quite some time and you will find yourself agreeing with everyone in the city of the blues that this is indeed the “Little Lady with the Great Big Voice”.
download Brittany's new single "Let Me Be" on ITunes or your favorite MP3 site.

Show Time

Main Stage- August 31: 6:00 PM

Bryan Hayes & The Retrievers   Bryan Hayes & The Retrievers
Bryan is an award-winning, Americana songwriter from Memphis, TN. His debut album Just A Man (2004) garnished him a loyal following in the Mid-South, as well as two “Best Of” Memphis Songwriter Awards. His second album Long Hard Road (2006) took Bryan and The Retrievers (his band) to the regional level, with independent/internet radio play over the Southeast. Bryan's new EP, Tangle Me Up In You (released May 2013), promises to grow Bryan's audience even farther. Tangle Me Up In You features 6 new songs from Bryan. One of these songs, "Southern Rain", was recently selected for use in the independent film Christmas Ride (release date of October 2013).
Bryan has also contributed songs to several compilation ablums. The Memphis Songwriters Association Members Only album (2010), included Bryan's Military tribute "Soldier's Prayer". In addition, Bryan contributed two songs ("Woman (You're Amazing To Me)" and "Small Town Amazing Grace") to the Retriever Records compilation album, B-Sides, Demos & Lies (2012). Bryan was also part of the Retriever Records' live album, Live At Farmhouse Studio: Retriever Records (2012). The live CD contains "Long Hard Road" (title track from the 2006 release) and "Texas In A Bottle" (from the new EP).
In addition to writing and performing, Bryan is a producer and engineer at Farmhouse Recording Studio (www.farmhouserecordingstudio.com) near Memphis, TN.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 1: 7:00 PM

Chance Encounter   Chance Encounter
The name speaks for itself. This five piece band came about last summer after drum, music, and performance instructor, Andrew Hatfield, encouraged Camryn Clark (lead singer, guitarist, drummer, pianist, and songwriter) to perform at Tootsie’s in Nashville, Tennessee. He thought it would be a great idea to bring in other students and form a band to play with Camryn. This young group of talented artists enjoys playing a little bit of everything from 80’s rock to current pop and country hits. The band includes Hunter Bishop on lead guitar, Wyatt Braden on bass guitar, Walker Crain on keyboard, and Cole Lovell on drums. They won the 2013 People’s Choice Award at Habitat for Humanity’s Battle of the Bands and are in the running for Best Unknown Band in the 2013 Memphis Most Contest. Come out and see what has happened since this group’s “Chance Encounter” meeting last summer.


Show Time

Main Stage- September 2: 5:00 PM

Christine Conley

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 1:30 PM

Cody Simpson (Meet & Greet)   Cody Simpson (Meet & Greet)
“My new album Surfers Paradise is the first time that I've really known from the get-go exactly how I wanted the music to sound,” says Cody Simpson. “I wanted to show the world how I'm evolving and that I’ve really discovered who I am as an artist.” Surfers Paradise picks up where Cody’s previous 2012 debut full-length Paradise, left off, telling the story of how this talented teenage singer, songwriter, and musician, now 16, traded the sunny shores of his native Queensland, Australia, for the sunny shores of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being performer.
“Surfers Paradise is basically the most famous area on the Gold Coast of Australia, where I am from,” Cody explains. “I think this album really represents that piece of me and my lifestyle there. Making Paradise felt like a journey to find myself as a young adult and artist. With 'Surfers Paradise' the entire process felt more natural, like being back home. I wanted to share that feeling with my fans.”

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Show Time

Main Stage- August 30: 7:00 PM

Colt Ford   Colt Ford
Genre: Country/Rap
Colt Ford is back with his best album ever and all it took was a return to his roots. “I went backwards,” Colt says. “I went back to Ride Through The Country.” Which is not to say Colt simply re-hashed his breakthrough album. Quite the contrary, in fact. Declaration of Independence, released on Colt’s own Average Joes Entertainment, will no doubt go down as one of the most noteworthy releases this year, which is saying a lot for a man who has already sold nearly a million albums and 3 million downloads. From planting his patriotic flag on the album’s first track, "Answer to No One, "and closing the album with a prayer on the poetic, honest, and heartfelt "Angels and Demons," which features a conversation with God, the Athens, GA native has covered every human emotion on this record and then some. For the legion of fans that have seen Colt’s live shows—over 750,000 did in 2011 alone—“the edge” is what they’ve come to expect. In the same way that a superstar athlete leaves everything he has on the field, Colt knows no other way to perform than to be all in. “I give it everything I’ve got when I go out on stage,” he says. “It’s about the fans. That’s my goal, to reach and touch as many people as I can. I don’t really have any goals beyond that. I’m so blessed and lucky to play music for a living.” That Colt has seen little love from mainstream media and radio only heightens his resolve to get his music in the hands of his fans. “I’m definitely an underdog,” Colt admits. “There ain’t no question about that. Everything about me says I shouldn’t be able to do what I do.” Perhaps it’s that sense of not belonging that allows Colt to connect to his blue-collar fans. “There’s nothing about me that ain’t country,” Colt says with a laugh. As millions of fans and Colt’s artist friends know, truer words have never been spoken.

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Show Time

Main Stage- September 1: 7:00 PM

Cruisin' Heavy   Cruisin' Heavy
We are a Rockin Top 40 Country/Party Band consisting of Veterans in the Music Industry. We have Nashville recording and touring artists in the Band, and all members have been trained professionally. We have many years combined live and studio experience and make every event or night out one you won't forget!

Show Time
•Delta Stage- August 31: 7:00 PM

Davey Ray Bennett

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 1: 4:00 PM

Donna Wolf

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 31: 4:00 PM

Emma Webb

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 1: 6:00 PM

Emma Webb   Emma Webb

Emma has had the privilege of opening for such acts as Bridget Mendler (Teddy) from Disney Channel's "Good Luck Charlie" & American Idol's seventh's runner up Jason Castro.

Her music has been featured in local radio spots as well as personal appearances in local commercials for the Memphis Grizzlies and King Cotton, and the Emmy nominated hit TV series Nashville.

Emma started singing at 8 years old and has developed a style that shows no fear. With only a stool and guitar, she puts on a performance that fans enjoy. Now that she has decided to make the career move to enter the Acting World and develop her music at the same time could prove to be a huge reason we see this young lady on the Country Music Charts one day.


Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 4: 7:00 PM

Everybody’s Fair Karaoke
Genre: Karaoke
Hosted by 50 Shades

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 2: 1:00 PM

Frank McLallen

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 31: 2:00 PM

Hal Butler Band   Hal Butler Band
Played with Southern Creed for 10+ years [got record deal in '77' with Electra/Asylum]
Played with The Impressions for a couple of years [Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, etc.]
Played with Jimi Jamison's Survivor for 10-15 years. [recorded 'Empires' with him]

Show Time

Main Stage- September 7: 4:00 PM

Here & Gone   Here & Gone
Here&Gone is a Christian Rock Band from Memphis, Tennessee. The present members formed in early May, 2013. After only 6 hours of playing together, they took the stage at The Life Church of Memphis, and won the 2013 Destination Israel Battle of the Bands. Since then, the band has went on to play at the New Daisy and several churches in the tri-state area.
Consisting of 5 members:
Andy Carver - Lead Vocals, Russ Yaun - Vocals - Acoustic Guitar, Tristan Barton - Lead Guitar, Jeremiah Murphy - Bass, Tyler Rose - Drums
Paired with the soul of Memphis music, Here&Gone is the 21st Century DC Talk.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 3: 7:00 PM

Jarrod Harris

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 1: 3:00 PM

Joe Diffie   Joe Diffie
Genre: Country
You know Joe. When you meet him, he’s the guy you thought he’d be. When you hear him sing, you can feel the honesty in his words. Since he first topped the charts in 1990 with Home, Joe has remained on a steady course, staying true to his Oklahoma roots and delivering hit after hit totaling twelve #1’s, twenty top 10’s and four gold and platinum albums. When you attend a Joe Diffie concert, you’re not waiting for him to sing his hit - you’re waiting for him to sing your hit. Whether it’s Ships That Don’t Come In, Pickup Man, John Deere Green, or If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets), Joe’s music always makes you remember where you were the first time you heard it. If you’ve ever been to a Joe Diffie concert, you don’t need to be told what an energetic, hit-filled show he delivers. If you haven’t seen Joe’s live show, do yourself a favor and make sure you’re there next time he’s in your town. He’s got a lot of great music left to make, and fans everywhere anxiously awaiting his next project. You know Joe – he’ll deliver.

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Show Time

Main Stage- September 7: 8:00 PM

John Lowe

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 5:00 PM

Jon Dillard

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 7:00 PM

Jordan Allena   Jordan Allena
Jordan Allena was born in Memphis, TN and realized her identity as a singer and dancer at the young age of three. She and Mr. Microphone would perform from atop a fishing boat to the driver's of cars passing by during rush hour. Jordan was definitely born a mixed personality as is expressed through her authentic quirky style and love of ALL music. "I love country, but I also love to perform rock and roll and dance hip-hop. I'm a huge fan of all music genres and try to incorporate this into my shows."
Jordan moved with her family from Memphis to the entertainment mecca of Las Vegas during her elementary school years. While there, she was introduced to the mature, competitive and extremely fast-paced performance world and began reinforcing her desire to be on stage through technical training. At the age of seven, Jordan Allena was sharing the stage with major strip venue performers, with many opportunities continuing through today. With the blended style of both Memphis and Vegas entertainment scene being the building blocks of her resume, Jordan Allena headed to Los Angeles to continue to train, stretch her wings, and further develop her persona.
This young artist has already songwritten with some emmy and grammy awarded writers and has performed with some of today's hottest acts: Parmalee, Chris Cagle, and Keith Anderson, to name a few. She has also been invited to perform for the ACM Awards Experience two years in a row. Jordan has most recently finished her self-titled EP and is currently planning her second. Today, she flies between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas performing in her unique style that she calls - Country With An Edge - or as Jason Aldean sings: "Hollywood With A Touch of Twang". Crossing genre boundaries and fusing styles is what Jordan Allena does best.

Show Time

Main Stage- September 1: 5:00 PM

Jordyn Mallory   Jordyn Mallory
Jordyn Mallory was born April 4, 1992 in the small town of Okolona, Mississippi, population 3,000. Although Jordyn has now made the move to Nashville, Tennessee, you can throw rocks at her home in Mississippi from the historic Natchez Trace.
At just five years old, Jordyn had her first solo in a Christmas play. After that, she started singing in church, talent shows, festivals, and fairs. Jordyn remembers back to the day she wrote her first song. Her mom had left to go to the grocery store and by the time she got back home, Jordyn was ready to sing it for her. Missy, her mom, thought it was funny and laughed it off, never thinking that it would lead to what Jordyn would hope to do for the rest of her life. That one song led to many, many more. She eventually picked up guitar and considers it her main instrument now but she also dabbles in piano. When Jordyn was an impatient freshman in high school, she presented a plan to her parents to graduate one year early. She went on to take extra classes during the school year and summer and graduated with special honors in 2009 with the class ahead of her. Jordyn has had the honor of opening concerts for Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Jake Owen, Eric Church, Emerson Drive, Ashton Shephard, Colt Ford and many more. You can also look for her in Jason Aldean's music video for his hit song "Dirt Road Anthem".
In 2010, Jordyn won a Myspace contest to be a guest cast member on Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment's "If I Can Dream" show that aired on Hulu.com. Later, she auditioned for American Idol Season 11 and was shown on national television getting 3 yeses from Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez to go to Hollywood. She went on to make the top 98 on the show.
Recently, Jordyn signed her first major publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis. Her passion is her music and that is evident in each of her performances.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 7: 5:00 PM

Judd Hall   Judd Hall

Judd Hall is not a person. Judd Hall is not a band. Judd Hall is friendship, brotherhood, making music with friends. It's making new friends, rediscovering old ones. Judd Hall is memories, future conquest.

Judd Hall is giving every ounce of yourself to your passions and abilities, chasing every possibility, cutting it up just to see what comes out. Judd Hall is free from the rotten dingy labels that box in and choke out how we experience life. Judd Hall is old-school, for-the-hell-of-it, for-the-sake-of-mankind adventure.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- August 30: 7:00 PM

Judith Fairchild Piano Studios   Judith Fairchild Piano Studios
Judith Fairchild, certified as a master teacher by the American Music Scholarship Society, has taught piano independently in Memphis, Tennessee, for 25 years. She completed the coursework for the D.M.A. at the University of Memphis in 1996; and she received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Tennessee Music Teachers Association in 1999.
Her students have performed in Carnegie Hall and as soloists with the Richardson, Texas; Kansas City; Paducah, Kentucky; and Germantown Symphonies. She serves as clinician for teachers’ associations, and her articles on piano pedagogy have been published in several keyboard magazines.
Last year she released her fourth recording, entitled Love Songs to Remember. With 30 years of church music experience, Ms Fairchild has arranged four volumes of sacred keyboard music. She lives in Cordova, TN, with her husband, Llewellyn Wade, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Show Time

Main Stage- September 1: 3:30 PM

Karmin   Karmin
KAR•MIN [car-men] – noun, in Latin meaning ‘song,’ with altered spelling to hint ‘karma’. In April of 2011, Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan ignited the blogosphere when they posted a cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" on YouTube. The clip instantly went viral, racking up millions of views after being Tweeted by such hip-hop heavy hitters as The Roots' Questlove, producers Diplo and Jermaine Dupree, and rapper The Game, each of whom marveled at the astonishing spectacle of Amy spitting Brown's, Lil Wayne’s, and Busta Rhymes’ raps at warp speed. Her verbal dexterity alone would be jaw-dropping coming from anyone, never mind a young girl from Nebraska styled like a ’40s film star in a black corset and ruby-red lipstick. One critic, writing on MTV.com, raved: "Homegirl is a master emcee. Seriously. Don't let the Charlotte-from-Sex-And-The-City-façade fool you — this girl can THROW. IT. DOWN. No offense, Busta Rhymes, but I think this girl just schooled you."
Now Karmin are bringing that feeling to their own music. "A few months ago, we were sitting in our living room with a wooden box and a guitar just writing raw music, now we’re performing on Saturday Night Live and getting ready to release our debut album," Amy marvels. Adds Nick: "I remember Amy’s dad once saying that the only CD he’d ever bought and run home from the store to listen to was by The Beatles. We want our music to have that effect on people. We want to shake things up."

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Show Time

Main Stage- August 30: 8:00 PM

KC Johns   KC Johns

Since entertaining the entertainment business, Hernando, Mississippi native, 23 year old country music artist KC Johns has had star quality written all over her. She got her start performing in front of crowds when she followed in her mother's footsteps and entered the rodeo circuit competing in barrel racing for the majority of her life until the music bug bit her elevating her interest in country music to a whole new level. She immersed herself in learning all the aspects of becoming a well-rounded entertainer by taking up guitar, writing her own songs, and performing live everywhere and anywhere that she could including memorable performances on the same rodeo circuit where she once raced.

With the release of her 2009 debut album, "Tell Me You Love Me", Johns realized her dream of being a country music artist beginning to become reality. All 10 tracks on her debut album were written by Johns and allowed her to show her true personality through her songs and live performances throughout the Southeastern US. In 2010 Johns continued to put her name out there in a big way. Her debut music video for "Fireflies At Night" was added to GAC, her debut album hit shelves in select Best Buy stores, she earned opening spots for major label recording artists Randy Houser, Luke Bryan, and Chris Young and continued to earn press in reputable national media outlets such as Airplay Direct, Today's Country Magazine, Country Weekly and more. However, 2010 also saw Johns further her country music dreams as she recorded her sophomore album Carousel Ride.

In 2012, Johns released her first Christian EP, Key To My Heart, and is now performing throughout the US and Internationally promoting the record. Johns plans to continue bringing her new music to people throughout 2013 with live performances that mix in her new songs with recognizable covers and the familiar material from her debut album, but most importantly continue to earn a reputation amongst fans and industry alike as an artist with an uncanny ability to connect her audience to her personality and her music leaving a lasting impression on them.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 5: 7:00 PM

Kenny Haze

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 4: 7:00 PM

Kris Acklen   Kris Acklen
Fresh from his debut release "The Trainsets EP," Kris Acklen is an up-and-coming pop artist from Memphis, TN. Kris fuses influences ranging from indie rock, to hip hop, to jazz and folk to create his own unique originals. His songs range from the light, feel-good pop of song, "You," to the driving rock of "Crash and Burn."
Kris has been active in the Memphis music scene for over 7 years as a producer/DJ/sound engineer/guitar teacher and has been performing as an artist for over 3 years. He has become a regular throughout the local Memphis scene including songwriter venues such as Otherlands Coffeebar and plans to expand his reach regionally.
Kris, when backed by his band, plays piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and sings and raps lead vocals. Kris plays an entertaining show and has developed a loyal following. His performances are guaranteed to keep toes tapping and bring a little something for everyone.

Show Times
•Delta Stage- September 6: 7:00 PM
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 3:00 PM

Lisa Lambert

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 7: 4:00 PM

Los Norteños De Ojinaga   Los Norteños De Ojinaga
Una nueva oportunidad se vislumbra ante la panor·mica artÌstica de NorteÒos de Ojinaga… La compaÒÌa DISA ASL de la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo LeÛn, abre una vez mas el abanico de posibilidades para estos jÛvenes, que por esas cosas del destino se une un nuevo elemento que llega con la vitalidad de hacer aportaciÛn fresca al sonido sÛlido de esta Furia Fronteriza. “QuÈdate Conmigo” es el tÌtulo de la producciÛn n™mero 26 que abandera y consolida esta carrera sÛlida y llena de grandes Èxitos, adem·s de que en este primer corte se acompaÒa de video promocional que esta dando la oportunidad al grupo de hacer conciencia al respeto y dedicaciÛn que se le debe de dar al centro del universo, que es el sexo femenino, para quien tomen atenciÛn y se hagan los ex·menes indicados para la prevenciÛn al C·ncer de Mama… Adem·s, esto permite transitar por el "Sendero de Amor" que se perdiÛ cuando "Se Me Pasaron Las Copas", y "Fue Criminal" porque "Trago a Trago" "He Decidido", "Sufrir y Llorar" acompaÒado por "Chuy y Mauricio", "Amarrate Una Rama" o "QuÈdate Conmigo" y no preguntes "Cu·ntas Veces" o "Cu·nto Me Cuesta Tu Vicio". AsÌ se va escribiendo la historia de estos cinco jÛvenes m™sicos, que para ganarse un lugar en la capital de la m™sica norteÒa, como fue bautizada su ciudad natal: Ojinaga, Chihuahua, deja claramente justificada esta asignaciÛn, porque cinco de sus hijos predilectos de esta zona desÈrtica, deja contundente prueba de ello… INTEGRANTES Alejandro S·nchez, HÈctor S·nchez, Guadalupe Levario, David RodrÌguez y Rudy Ramos

Show Time

Main Stage- September 8: 8:00 PM

Lou Gramm - The Voice of Foreigner   Lou Gramm - The Voice of Foreigner
Genre: Rock
First rising to prominence as the frontman for platinum-selling hard rock combo Foreigner, Lou Gramm later mounted a successful solo career, cracking the Top Five in 1987 with the single "Midnight Blue." Born in Rochester, NY, on May 2, 1950, Gramm first surfaced as the drummer with the band Black Sheep, assuming lead vocal duties prior to recording the group's self-titled 1975 Capitol debut; although neither the album nor its follow-up, Encouraging Words, earned much mainstream notice, they did capture the attention of journeyman guitarist Mick Jones, best known for his stint with a latter-day incarnation of Spooky Tooth. Jones soon tapped Gramm to front his new group, Foreigner, and together they began writing songs, co-authoring the smash "Cold as Ice" from their best-selling 1977 eponymous debut LP. Gramm's powerfully distinctive vocals were inescapable in the years to follow as Foreigner reeled off an impressive series of pop radio hits, including "Hot Blooded," "Double Vision," "Urgent," and "Waiting for a Girl Like You," culminating in 1984's chart-topping power ballad "I Want to Know What Love Is." With Foreigner on hiatus, Gramm made his solo debut in 1987 with Ready or Not, scoring a major hit with "Midnight Blue"; that same year, Foreigner issued Inside Information, but with the success of the 1989 solo effort Long Hard Look and its attendant single "Just Between You and Me," the singer left the group to form his own band, Shadow King, who released their self-titled debut on Virgin in 1991. Shadow King proved short-lived, however, and in 1994 Gramm and Jones revived Foreigner for Mr. Moonlight. In the spring of 1997, on the eve of the band's planned Japanese tour, Gramm was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor; surgery preceded a year of rehabilitation and radiation treatment, although the singer made a full recovery and resumed touring in 1999. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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Show Time

Main Stage- September 2: 7:00 PM

Loveland Duren

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 31: 6:00 PM

Mason Jar Fireflies   Mason Jar Fireflies
The Mason Jar Fireflies are an acoustic band from Memphis, Tennessee formed in 2012 to showcase the singing, songwriting, and instrumental talents of Adam Gowdy, Kyndle MacMahan, and Greg Carmack. With their unique blend of pop, country, folk, and rap musical elements, the Fireflies make fans out of everyone who sees them perform.
Momentum is building for the Fireflies in 2013. The band has rocked most of Memphis’s major venues this year, from the New Daisy to the Hard Rock, from Bristerfest at the Leavitt Shell to the Mudbugs Festival, and has continued a year-long stand at Jack Magoo’s, a venue that’s a cornerstone of the Broad Street renaissance. The up and coming band has garnered local media attention, having performed live and via simulcast on Radio Memphis and made television appearances on Comcast’s “Memphis Music Tonight” and, more recently, on “Live at 9” on WREG, Memphis’s local CBS affiliate.

Show Times
•Delta Stage- August 31: 5:00 PM
•Delta Stage- September 8: 4:00 PM

Max Pickard

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 31: 1:00 PM

Melinda Milligan

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 7: 7:00 PM

Midnight Red (Meet & Greet Only)   Midnight Red (Meet & Greet Only)

Midnight Red is made up of five guys, all with different backgrounds that add to their musical style. 21-year-old Joey Diggs comes from a musical family, his dad is the voice behind the famous "Always" Coca Cola jingle, and says his dad taught him everything he knows. Texas-native Thomas Augusto, 19, says that in his family he's always been the entertainer, even when he was little! Anthony Ladao, the youngest member of Midnight Red at just 18 years old says his inspiration came from seeing Usher perform on TV, he started singing and performing at just 12 years old. California boy Eric Secharia is a self-professed hipster whose infectious good mood keeps the guys laughing. And last but not least 22-year-old Colton Rudloff, hailing from Buffalo, New York, was discovered online from a series of YouTube videos he posted.

Midnight Red will be doing a Meet & Greet from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 3rd.at the Q107.5 tent on the Lower Midway.

Olivia Holt (Disneys' Kickin' It)   Olivia Holt (Disneys' Kickin' It)
Genre: Actress & Singer

Southern Belle, Olivia Holt born in Tennessee and raised in Mississippi, she can be seen as the confident, butt-kicking, independent karate expert 'Kim' on the hit Disney XD series "Kickin' It." Although a newcomer to Hollywood, Holt has quickly stolen the hearts of Disney fans, helping to propel "Kickin' It" to the number two spot on the network holding her own as the only female lead on the show. Holt recently was seen as the lead 'Skylar,' the fearless monster hunter, in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Girl Vs. Monster", which attracted over 5 million viewers.

Holt has two siblings, older sister Morgan and younger brother Cade. The allaround American girl enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her two yorkshire terrier pups, Scout and Diesel. Although no longer a competitive gymnast, Holt still enjoys practicing gymnastics in her spare time, going to the movies, playing at theme parks (a love for roller coasters), Parkour (a style of free running and jumping), playing the guitar and piano. She looks to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars for her musical inspirations. Holt holds St. Jude Children's Hospital close to her heart for the work they do in advance pediatric disease treatment and research, often visiting children in the hospital and bringing a sense on normalcy to their lives.

Sunday, Sept. 1st from 3-5 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 2nd. from 12:30 - 4 p.m.

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FM 100

Open Mic
Hosted by Chris Traicoff

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 3: 6:00 PM

Paul Waits

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 7: 2:00 PM

Philip Dean and the Thriftstore Junkies

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 6: 7:00 PM

Renegades of Rhythym
The "Renegades of Rhythm" are an all ages boys and girls Marching drum group.
The Renegades have performed at various events including The Delta Fair, University Of Memphis sporting events, The Memphis Redbirds, multiple parades, and more.
Under the direction of Andrew Hatfield, This group was formed in 2005 and has taught young kids how to play drums as a group as well as helped High school students achieve music scholarships with various Universities. Endorsed by some of the biggest names in drumming, The 'Renegades" provide a fun learning experience for participants. You can find more info at:


Show Time

Main Stage- September 8: 5:30 PM

Rooster Juke

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 5: 7:00 PM

Side Street Steppers   Side Street Steppers
The Side Street Steppers were formed in the summer of 2009 when Christian Stanfield and his beautiful bride, Ms. Vera Victoria, decided to take their parlor music out of the home and into Memphis coffee houses. Nathan Breckenridge came along on upright bass in the fall of that year, and his wife Emily joined us on washboard percussion and vocals in the summer of 2010. 

People are always asking us what kind of music we play, and I am usually at a loss to sum up the wide range of our styles and traditions in a single word or short phrase. I used to say that we played pre-war music, which though it might mean something to the handful of people who obsess over this stuff, loses most people—which war, they wonder? Then I began saying that we played the greatest hits of the 1920's and '30's, but that's not exactly the truth as a lot of what we play was obscure even in its own time, and we play stuff from way earlier and later in the century. We needed a term that handily defined what we do and whom we represent, and thus "Vintage Music." Vintage Music is old music, but not just any old music. Vintage Music is timeless, as exciting to listen to today as it was when first performed. We give you blues, jazz, country, hokum, jug band, fiddle tunes and more. This is the music of America, of all the people who have come and gone and contributed a verse to our national song. Collectively, it tells the story of who we are and where we have been—what we have endured and how we got through.

Show Time
•Delta Stage- September 2: 7:00 PM

Sunburnt Moon

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 8:00 PM

The 240 Loop   The 240 Loop
Created in 2011, 240 Loop raced on the Memphis party scene and has been performing full throttle from the start! Covering classic soul, disco, funk, country and pop/rock favorites, this band of top vocalists and musicians is guaranteed to entertain people of all ages.
Jamie Baker (lead vocalist and founder) fronts this group of seasoned entertainment pros who have performed locally and nationally for two decades. Since their debut, 240 Loop has entertained corporate events, wedding receptions, casinos, festivals and nightclubs. This party band will put your guests in the fast lane to a great time!

Show Time

Main Stage- September 7: 6:00 PM

The 5th Kind   The 5th Kind

5th Kind is an exceptionally entertaining band performing to capacity crowds each show! Blending an incredible mix of music you won't find anywhere else.

Imagine everyone's favorite Rock bands from the 70's and 80's getting together all in one place, playing every hit you grew up with, just as you remember it. Vividly taking you back to a specific time and place, sparking memories of some of the best times in your life.

With every concert setting, each show captivates the entire audience with a non-stop onslaught of rock anthems and rarely heard classics from the 70's and 80's.

Constantly challenging themselves, pushing the limits of any musician, 5th Kind wields their renditions of the most in-depth musical pieces, spotlighting amazing musicianship, incredible vocals and hair raising
harmonies with each offering. Whether it be a large concert stage or a club in the Memphis area, 5th
Kind proves the most compelling and entertaining show you could hope to find anywhere.

Show Time

Main Stage- September 4: 7:00 PM

The Bouffants   The Bouffants
Get ready for a hair-raising experience!
Thousands of fans can’t be wrong: The Bouffants are the premier party band of the South! Whether it’s a wedding, festival, convention, gala, or just a party for the sake of a party, The Bouffants will provide a professional entertainment experience that your guests won’t soon forget! From Minneapolis to New Orleans, Chicago to Atlanta, The Bouffants have thrilled audiences with classic songs from groups like The Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Sly & the Family Stone. But the dancing doesn't stop there! You'll hear the classic hits from Motown and Stax, to rock and roll, and current favorites. Far more than just an awesome band, The Bouffants turn any event into an instant party!

Show Time

Main Stage- September 5: 7:00 PM

Tori Norton

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 8: 4:00 PM

Vicci Martinez   Vicci Martinez
After spending high school honing her talents, she began releasing music independently in 2003. Touring the country for almost a decade, she released seven independent albums culminating with 2011's Live from Jazzbones. Along the way, she shared stages with everyone from Sting and Annie Lennox to The Supersuckers and Jonny Lang. However, NBC's television show The Voice came calling in early 2011, and that opened doors for the next phase of her career.  

The singer-songwriter continually goes against the grain both musically and lyrically. She doesn't adhere to guidelines of what pop music is supposed to be or how it should be presented. Given her penchant for writing honest, heartfelt songs, she doesn't have to either. When she hits the studio or the stage, she nods to soulful folk and classic rock with an immortal R&B groove beneath everything. On her forthcoming debut album for Universal Republic Records, VICCI, the world will get to see Vicci for who she is, and it might just be a better place because of it.  
There's a deeper message to Vicci's writing. "I'm writing about really honest subjects," she continues. “I did The Voice so I could trigger that fire in people to pursue their dreams."

Presented by:

FM 100


Show Time

Main Stage- August 31: 8:00 PM

Whit Whitsitt

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- August 31: 3:00 PM

Will Tucker   Will Tucker
Will Tucker was raised on blues and southern rock in Memphis, Tennessee. He was playing drums at age five, piano at eight, and guitar at age twelve. Little did he know that in the summer of 2008 when he performed at the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi that he would soon be a regular at nationally renowned BB King’s Blues Club on Memphis' Beale Street. ??Will was discovered by Memphis BB King’s Blues Club owner, Tommy Peters, who calls Will “the axe man” and refers to him as “a 19 year old guitar prodigy who exploded onto the Memphis music scene.”
In 2013, The Will Tucker Band was voted Best Local Band in Memphis in the Commercial Appeal's MemphisMost contest. Will was voted 3rd Best Blues Musician behind BB King and Al Green in 2010 “MemphisMost.” In 2011, Will was the runner up in three "Memphis Most" categories: Best Band, Best Blues Performer and Best Performer. He was featured in the international travel show, "Music Voyager - Tennessee," with the legendary Bobby "Blue" Bland. Will's performances at the annual Beale Street Music Festival draw approximately 3,000 fans, maxing out the capacity of the Blues Tent

Show Time

Main Stage- September 6: 6:00 PM

Yubu and the Africans

Show Time
•Crossroads Stage- September 1: 7:00 PM

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