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Credo - Delta Fair in a nut shell: Everyone’s Fair! We want people to feel like this is their fair and that they are part of a family that is doing great things for the community. We welcome your ideas and involvement and want you to have ownership in Your Fair!

The Mission - Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission: to produce an annual Fair & Music Festival that is exciting, interactive and educational. We will strive to bring our communities together with safe, wholesome family entertainment while celebrating and promoting the rich art, music and history of the Delta.

Many of our efforts will be directly connected to partnering with organizations who need our help and to foster a sense of humanitarianism in everyone who gets involved.

Target Areasthese are the areas that we plan to resource through our collective efforts:

Education Enrichment partnering with the city and county schools and related organizations to improve the education system through funding, resources/in-kind giving, internships, tutoring and mentoring.

Public Safety partnering with organizations that are currently in place to make our communities safer – DARE, MADD, Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers.

Youth Investment partnering with organizations who work specifically to empower and serve youth in their overall development and to build strong leaders for the future.

Celebration of Cultural Diversity partnering with organizations for the purpose of celebrating the rich history and diversity of our communities.

Quality of Life partnering with organizations to address the needs of the impoverished, the suffering, the elderly, the homeless and the unemployed.

Conservation partnering with organizations to address the needs of the environment and to protect our surrounding natural resources.

If the Target Areas listed above get you excited, then contact us today and help us Go Make A Difference!

For more information please call the Expo South - Delta Fair & Music Festival Offices at (901) 867-7007. You can also email for more info or questions at:
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